Frequently Asked Questions

Is cryotherapy safe?

Yes. Single person cryosaunas have been used for the past 30+ years. Problems have only arisen if a client steps into the machine with wet clothing, especially wet socks, as water will freeze immediately at these temperatures. CryoFit will provide the client with a pair of dry cotton socks, as well as slippers, to wear into the cryosauna. The nitrogen used to cool the cryosauna is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe. The operator will raise the platform which the client stands on in the cryosauna so the head is above the heavier nitrogen vapors. Here, the client breathes normal room­air.

I am claustrophobic. Can I use full body cryotherapy?

Yes! Your head stays above the cryosauna at all times. The door cannot lock and the staff member is there monitoring you during the whole process until the session has ended.

How many treatments should I do?

Depending on the condition of treatment, we recommend that you initially take 5­-10 sessions in close succession (separated by 1-­2 days, example 3x per week) to maximize your results. After that you can take fewer sessions, spaced further apart, to maintain and improve your results and have lasting beneficial effects. (example: 1­-2 per week)

Who is it recommended for?

Everybody can use it from elite athletes, to weekend warriors, those seeking weight loss and skin rejuvenation to people with chronic and inflammatory medical conditions.

Who shouldn’t use it?

The following conditions are contraindications to whole body cryotherapy. Pregnancy, Severe hypertension (BP>160/100), Acute or recent myocardial infarction, Unstable angina pectoris, Arrhythmia, Symptomatic cardiovascular disease, Cardiac pacemaker,Peripheral arterial occlusive disease, Venous thrombosis, Cerebrovascular accident, Uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Fever, Tumor disease, Symptomatic lung disorders, Bleeding disorders, Severe anemia, Infection, Claustrophobia, Cold allergy, Acute kidney and urinary tract disease.

Do I have to take a shower before or after?

No, the procedure is dry and does not make your skin wet. You should not have wet hair in the cryosauna.

What are the risks?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is well tolerated and has minimal risks: Fluctuations in blood pressure during the procedure by up to 10 points systolically (this effect reverses after the end of the session, as peripheral circulation returns to normal), allergic reaction to extreme cold (rare), claustrophobia, redness, and skin burns (only if exposed to low temperatures longer than recommended).

What should I wear?

Women should remove all clothing, while men are required to wear undergarments. We recommend wearing something you can easily take off and put back on. We also recommend taking off all jewelry before arriving as you will be required to take off anything from the neck down before entering the cryosauna.